Creation is a beautiful thing. One of the greatest features of creation is something we all undoubtedly fear; Time. Time is moving forward like a locomotive with infinite coal. With time comes change. Everything is temporary and nothing stays the same. The locomotive never stays straight. It traverses hills, valleys, curves, tunnels, bridges, and mountains. These are what I call seasons. The beauty of a season is that it never lasts and it forces you to embrace the moment. A beautiful sunset only lasts for a few moments. However, there is always tragedy and hardship that we experience in these seasons. I've been through a small season recently, but God was right there with me and in the midst of my small, insignificant struggle, I was reminded of that exactly.

Tuesday, October 11th, I had a flight out of Nashville at 6:30am which meant I had to be up at 4am. That night, I didn't sleep at all. I had been struggling with sleep for the past few weeks and it came to a tipping point for me. I almost cancelled my flight and the TV program that I was scheduled to play on. I was exhausted beyond my limit. But I pushed thru. We made it to Pittsburgh and despite my weakness and anxiety, I was able to sleep that night. Wednesday morning I woke up and arrived at Cornerstone Network where I was on TV to perform for the very first time!! I was also interviewed, which was awkward for me because that was a first! But the cool thing was being asked who my inspirations were. I talked about how Jon Foreman forged the way for me when it comes to writing. He is a huge reason I write songs. Then I got to play one of them. What a blessing. Afterwards, John Matazaroo took us to Primanti's for some amazingggggg sandwiches. I knocked off another Man V Food restaurant...i then told Marty, my pianist, we need to go explore downtown and just see Pittsburgh. How beautiful it is there! Then as a cherry on top, as we were walking, I noticed this guy Jon Foreman walking and stopped him to talk and take a selfie. How in the world is that even possible and how God aligned our paths for that to happen. That's definitely a memory I'll never forget. It gives me chills knowing God is there with me and even in the midst of something difficult such as a sickness or insomnia, he softly and uniquely reminds me of his sovereignty.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 I was on TV playing songs I wrote that were written because I've been influenced by guys like Jon. That afternoon, Jon and I were in the same town at the same location, and I had the privilege to talk to him in a park. Mind blown. God is good.

Justin Owens